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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Extermination

Bed BugBed Bugs Extermination

Kidderminster Pest Control are experts in the eradication of Bed Bugs, please call us for a fast response to any pest control problem.

Bed bugs are usually found in the bedroom, therefore, the bug’s food source is going to be the person sleeping in the bed.

They can be extremely difficult to eliminate and professional help is always needed to exterminate this particular nasty pest.

The bed bugs only food source is blood, therefore they will be found usually within one metre of the bed. Bed bugs can move to other rooms in the house, so it’s very wise to check all other bedrooms and sofas as this is another favourite hiding place.

You must strip all the bedding from the bed, place in a sealed bin liner, and take to the washing machine ready for hot laundering.

Please call Kidderminster Pest Control for professional advice on the eradication of bed bugs.