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Mole Control

Mole Control

moleindexMole Control

Kidderminster Pest Control are experts in Mole control, please call us on the numbers provided, we’ll respond fast and completely eliminate your mole problem.

Moles live underground and surface only occasionally. Their cylindrical bodies and powerful front claws are ideal for digging. They almost “swim” through dirt. Moles create a complex network of interconnected chambers by burrowing both deep and close to the surface, where they often leave visible ridges.

Mole hills are places where the mole has pushed up earth above the surface. They have very poor sight and feed mainly on worms and insect larvae that they find by the sense of touch and smell. They do not eat roots or tulip bulbs.That is the work of voles.The primary problem with moles is the tunnels. They can leave ridged tunnels all over a lawn.

They also leave large dirt molehills in several areas of the territory. They are not necessarily dangerous, but can ruin your nice landscaping or yard. The best bets for getting rid of moles are traps, but many people are reluctant to use them. There are also poisons and mole repellents available.

Trapping in the early spring can eliminate pregnant females, effectively nipping in the bud what would be a greater problem later.
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