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Pigeon Control

pigeonKidderminster Pest Control Pigeon Removal Service.

Pigeon Problems & Identification

Feral pigeons are the number one urban pest bird, creating a mess and causing damage where they roost, creating a need for pigeon control.

Pigeons are descendants of domesticated European homing pigeons, so they have a varied diet and feel at ease making their homes in man-made structures.

Generally blue-grey in colour, with iridescent feathers on the head and neck, problem pigeons often have markings in black, white or brown on the wings and neck.

A short neck and small head characterize the standard pigeon; their short legs, hind toes and level front allow for both easy perching on pipes and ledges and walking on flat surfaces. Pigeons generally nest in small, flat areas away from the ground such as building ledges, air conditioning units or window sills.
Occasionally pigeons may even lay eggs directly on a protected ledge.

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