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Rat and Mice Control

Rat and Mice Control. Please Contact Us For a Fast Efficient Pest Control Service.

ratimagesRats and Mice Fast Extermination Response Service.

Kidderminster Pest Control are experts in the eradication of rats and mice from your house, loft, sewer, factory, or any place that they may be hiding.

Having rats in particular is a very serious problem, if not dealt with quickly all sort of damage to property and health issues can arise.

Concerning rats it’s highly advisable to contact us asap, we respond very fast to get your rat infestation quickly under control.
We provide a profession and economical pest control solution for this particular type of vermin.

Please call us so we can send one of our technicians to your premises to asses your current situation.

miceindexHow you can tell in case you have mice or rats.


Mice are usually active at night time, although you could see them in the light of the day. Its feasible you may find nests that are made of materials such cardboard and newspapers all woven together in to a ball, with partially nibbled food and tiny droppings.


Rats are primarily nocturnal, with droppings near food sources are the most common signs of rats but you can also find evidence of gnawing, burrows, tracks and nests.

Health & safety risks from mice & rats

Rats and Mice will contaminate the environment where they live through droppings, hairs and urine.They can and do have a range of diseases that could be passed to humans, by contaminating the food with there droppings and urine.
Rats will & do pass on Weil’s disease, which if untreated can be deadly to humans.Rats could possibly cause considerable structural damage to property.

They have powerful front gnawing teeth that can bite through anything, electrical cables and wiring which could lead to a fire or electrocution. rats & mice can be discouraged from entering your property by cutting off access points and improving hygiene.

Look for access points around gas, electricity & water pipes. Check that doors fit tightly. Make sure that air bricks are in place & intact (do not block them)
Fit cone guards around the bottom of drainpipes to prevent rats from climbing up you will be able to get these from your local hardware or do-it-yourself store.

Fit metal balloon guards to the bottom of drainpipes to prevent them climbing up the inside gain, you can get these from your local ironmongery shop.
Improved hygiene will restrict the availability of food for mice and rats, reducing the chances that they will stay and breed successfully.

Examples of how hygiene can be improved are:

Sweep up any spills as soon as they happen.
Clean up under work units and other areas where food debris can build up.
Remove rubbish.
Store food carefully so that they don’t have access to food sources.

These are the methods of control available:

Poison baiting
Controlling Rats

Before trying to deal with a rat issue, you need to find out where the rats are living, feeding and drinking and the routes they take between these areas.

You need to look for:

1. Holes & burrows.
2. Runs and tracks.
3. Droppings.
4. Footprints.
5. Musky smell.

You will need to find out how the rats are getting in to your home you can do this by blocking off any holes with newspaper and coming back 24 hours later to see which holes have been re-opened. You can then take preventative action to permanently block the access holes.