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Sewers and Drain Service

Camera and smoke tests done on sewers and drains, and repairs carried out.

drains-and-sewersKidderminster Pest Control
Sewage and Drain Testing Service.

We offer a drain testing service to find out if you have a break in the drains where rats are gaining access to your property.
Two ways we can do this.

  1. Smoke test.
    This involves pumping smoke into the drainage system leading to your property and seeing any smoke comes inform the drains and leaks into your property, in which case this does indicate a potential break.
  2. Camera Survey.
    This involves putting a camera down the drains and seeing what condition the pipes are and seeing if there are any breaks.

We also offer a cleaning service if the drains are blocked and also can arrange for the drains to be repaired if they show any leaks or damage.

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