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Wasp Treatment

Wasp Nest Treatment

slide7Wasps and Hornets Nest Treatment.

Kidderminster Pest Control are experts in Wasp / Hornet nest treatment. It is highly advisable that you should not try and remove a nest of either of these species as they can become very aggressive to anything that resembles the slightest threat to the nest.
Please call us on the numbers provided and we will respond very quickly to get your nest treated.

Every wasp and hornet nest is unique, some are extremely aggressive and some are very placid. You can never tell which way it is going to go.
Some common wasps in particular are extremely defensive and will attack people for no apparent reason even if they are some meters away from the nest.

How to identify a wasps and hornets.

Notice the colour. While familiar honeybees display a DARK brown and yellow colour, markings on hornets and wasps are somewhat more vivid.
Hornets are typically black with bright yellow stripes.

Notice the shape. Wasps and hornets resemble flying versions of ants, with segmented bodies and a long, aerodynamic shape.
Wasps also might have long legs that dangle below them, creating a distinctive shape different from hornets or bees.

Please contact us so we can arrange for one of our technicians to call and asses your individual requirements, please remember that wasps and hornets can be very aggressive if the nest is disturbed, please call us for professional wasp nest treatment.